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The nursery was established in the early 1990’s by the McNabb family. Wendy and Tony White bought the property in 2004. They had spent the previous 10 years in management positions working on 20 hectares of internationally acclaimed terraced gardens surrounding the Shrine of the Bab at the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa, Israel. The current theme of the Matakana Sculptural Habitat they then established, uses the natural elements on the 2.2ha property to create beautiful vistas and large natural sculptures using techniques that any gardener can undertake. It is the Baha’i philosophy of transformation that underpins the sculptures passage through the garden.
In January 2016 Carol and David are privileged to become the custodians of this wonderful spiritual garden environment, and the production of Proteas. Carol’s experience is in health offering an understanding of plant care and personal customer care. David has an engineering background and enables everything that happens in the habitat and the nursery. Having spent a lot of time in earlier years in the area we are pleased to be back.
Today the nursery specialises in retail and mail order sales of the proteaceae family of plants along with a selection of other hardy low-maintenance plants suitable for most New Zealand conditions, especially coastal. The nursery operates adjacent to the habitat area.
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